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Where does DNG Volunteer work?
Currently works in Tanzania mainland, we look at each region an individual basis and assess whether it’s practical for us to operate, how serious its skills shortages are, and whether our approach could make a significant difference. By focusing our resources, we can maximise the impact our volunteers can make at all levels, from grassroots to government.

The application process
How do WOYODECO placements work?
What are WOYODECO’s recruitment criteria?
What is the recruitment process?
Can I fill in the application form in a language other than English?
Can I apply for more than one placement?
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My experience and placement requirements
What skills do volunteers need?
We recruit experienced professionals from all over the world. Our volunteers provide our overseas partners with a wide range of skills and experience in areas such as  health, education, advocacy, business and management, community and social development, natural resources, HIV and AIDS, specific technical skills such as civil or industrial engineering, and many others.
To become a WOYODECO volunteer, it’s vital you’re experienced in your professional field and able to train and advise colleagues in your area of expertise. You need to be prepared to work creatively, often with few resources.
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Supporting you
What expenses will I need to pay?
During your placement, we will provide:
 an allowance paid in local currency. The allowance is designed to meet reasonable living expenses in country, and will not be enough for you to expect to send money home
 basic accommodation. This will be shared housing with private rooms
 transportation costs to and from your placement, including flights
 medical insurance
 induction and resettlement support
You will need to be able to contribute towards some of your pre-departure expenses such as travel to and from induction events and some of your pre-departure medical expenses. The overall package of financial support has been designed so that volunteers are not out of pocket through volunteering. However, you should not expect to be able to save money during your time as a volunteer or to be able to meet any other financial commitments.
Can I go home during my placement?
Can couples volunteer together?
Can my family come with me?
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Medical information

Why is medical information important for me?
If you are planning to volunteer, WOYODECO needs to be sure that you are fit and healthy enough to do so. Nobody can take up a placement overseas DNG Volunteer without medical clearance.

Medical assessment and medical clearance takes place later in the volunteer selection process. DNG Volunteer does not want you to be disappointed and feel let down at the last minute if you cannot volunteer because of a personal health reason. This will be especially frustrating if you have already invested a lot of time, energy and money with the selection, fundraising and preparation process.
Please consider personal health issues from an early stage in the application process. This is especially important if you have a current or previous medical condition, or take certain medication, which may mean that DNG Volunteer cannot take you on as a volunteer. It may be difficult for you to make that assessment, so to help you:
 read about volunteering with a medical condition
 talk to your family doctor or your specialist who know your medical condition
 contact WOYODECO’s medical team in confidence: info@dng.or.tz.
Please do not fully commit to an overseas placement, resign from your job, rent or sell your home or have your leaving party until you are sure you will get medical clearance!
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