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Opportunities for all.
We welcome Volunteer
We accept volunteer from all background, professional and non-professional.

Fun moment
Safari activies
Voluntering with DNG you will get a chance to have a fun safari to the nearest national park with little fee.

We are here to help and support
Easy application process
Our team are knowlegable and experienced and will guide throughput your volunteering time.

We are here to help and support
Easy application process
Our team are knowlegable and experienced and will guide throughput your volunteering time.

DNG Volunteer, work to fight poverty in the communities and change the lives of thousands of people for the better, every day. The impact of your work will be far reaching; leaving a positive legacy that remains long after you have returned home.

But that is not the whole story. Volunteers also often tell us that their time with us has been one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences of their lives.

Each year, DNG improves livelihood through implementing projects in different sectors like health, education, environment, community empowerment, especially children, youth, women, and other marginalized groups.

We help around women, youths and children get a better education and improve HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support.  That's not to mention our livelihoods and governance programmes.

All of this is accomplished by volunteers: national volunteers, who work within their own communities; youth volunteers, who come together across cultures to work on community projects, and international volunteers, who work in their area of academic qualification, professional expertise and areas of interest.

To join our volunteer team contact us today.
DNG Tanzania, inspire
Get Inspired
What we do for ourselves dies with us.
Donation DNG
Give Donation
No one has ever become poor by giving.
Mwalimu DNG
Become a Volunteer
Challenge yourself to change your World.
Mama na Mkuku wa Ndizi
Empower Community
What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
Volunteering Areas
    • Waste Management and Environment.
    • Teaching and education.
    • Town design and planning.
    • Animal shelter and veterinary,
    • Business, management and IT.
    • Community and social work.
    • Agriculture and natural resources.

    • Agriculture and natural resources.
    • Communications and fundraising.
    • Advocacy, policy and research.
    • Medical and healthcare.
    • Design and Painting Arts.
    • Cultural and Tourism.
    • Engineering and technical.
    Watoto dng

    Join us to make the
    difference in the Tanzanian's Communities.
    District Reached
    Project(s) on going
    People Benefited
    Active Volunteers
    Our Thematic Scope
    All our project activities fall under three thematic areas, as presented here and described in the organisation’s constitution..

    Community Empowerment
    Projects aimed at increasing social and economic opportunities for marginalized groups of women and youth through empowerment programs are also being carried out by our organization.
    DNG carries out projects to empower people from poor communities by providing them with moral, material and educational support to become a better member of their society.

    Every action(s) that led to the destruction of the environment has trickle-down effects, on the entire We have some environmental activities, include education on waste management, smart farming, and support tree planting.
    Need Your Support DNG
    As we are committed to assisting the Community, this means that all funds received are used to promote the objective of the organization.

    Our funds are expected from Entry and annual fees; Fundraising; Legal gifts from friends; Grants, donations; Income Generating Activities; Consultancy and Volunteering activities.

    You can help us; volunteer for our projects and our organization, make a donation, link DNG with grant possibilities, plan a fundraising event, etc.

    Does that mean anything to you? email us today at info@dng.or.tz or use the contact form.

    Without community support through generous support and donations like yours, DNG could not do its work.

    We want you to know that we value your donation and will utilize it to the best of our ability to carry out mission of the organization accordingly.
    We accept in form of;-
    • Money
    • Ideas
    • Services
    • Items
    We acknowledge in our;-
    • Reports
    • Videos
    • Photos
    • Articles
    • Webiste
    • Social platforms
    We use in our;-
    • Projects
    • Office operation


    Volunteers Price
    DNG  is a non-profit organization,  ensure that we keep our volunteers' fees low,
    but also guarantee that all your money goes to where it is needed.

    Price Per Person
    1 week
    $ 1,010
    2 weeks$ 1260
    3 weeks
    $ 1520
    4 weeks
    5 weeks
    $ 2030
    6 weeks
    $ 2240
    7 weeks$ 2540
    8 weeks
    $ 2800
    9 weeks$ 3050
    10 weeks$ 3310
    11 weeks$ 3570
    12 weeks
    $ 3820
    What’s Included in your Costs
    • Accommodation
    • Two meals a day
    • Airport pick up and drop off
    • All DNG registration and administration
    • Orientation
    • Donation to local projects
    • Town tours
    • Swahili learning class
    What is not Included
    • Vaccinations
    • Flights
    • Spending money
    • Visa
    • Extra Safari trips
    • Anything not mention

    Application Form

    Volunteer Tree


    We accept local and international volunteers for our organization and ongoing projects, irrespective of their background, experience and qualifications.

    All you need is to share with us your wishes, and interests so that we may recommend accordinly.

    We provide full support and advise before and throughout your time spend volunteering with us.


    Our Contact
    You may use details below to contact us or direct your message
    by write using a contact form. Pay us a visit, through
    physical location as shown on the map.
    DNG Tanzania
    P.O.Box 16450

    Physical Location
    Oloirien, Kwa Idd

    Mob: 255 713 004 481
             255 787 756 802
    Considers the potential of joint efforts and the essence of bringing tangible change to the needs of the community.

    Email: info@dng.or.tz
    Mobile: 255 713 004 481
    Mobile: 255 787 756 802
    Our Projects
    • Your Idea, Your Project
    • Student with a Smile
    • Resources Center (RC)
    • Improved VSLA/sVLSA
    • SmarTTaka

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